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Read about how Minntek and Motorola are pairing up to provide  cost-effective wireless solutions to schools and universities nationwide.  Click Here.

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The IBM Power Systems Technical University
featuring AIX, Linux and IBM i - October 18 – 22, 2010 - Las Vegas Nevada

This university is an intense, consolidated way to learn how you can reduce your operating costs, simplify your IT environment, access more solution providers and leverage the newest technology innovation — virtualization with the IBM POWER7™ technology.

IBM Power Systems Technical University offers hundreds of sessions on extensive topics, multiple training levels (beginner to advanced), best practices, solution center/expo and certification testing. Build your skills to realize the cost savings that come with new technology.

There will never be a better time to refresh your skills and learn about the new generation of technology at the same time.

Hear details on the latest POWER7 announcements - offering improved capabilities:

  • New workload optimizing technologies like IBM TurboCore
  • IBM Active Memory™ Expansion to reduce memory costs
  • IBM PowerVM™ and VMControl virtualization software to support up to 1,000 virtual machines Intelligent energy
  • optimization features, such as IBM POWER7 EnergyScale™

Learn more about Active Memory Sharing. This new virtualization technology is taking virtualization to a new level. It allows multiple partitions to share a pool of physical memory. It is designed to increase system memory utilization, thereby enabling you to realize a cost benefit by reducing the amount of physical memory required.