Asset Recovery services

The Competitive drive to install the latest technologies can generate an abundance of outdated equipment that requires disposition.

To help you meet that challenge, Minntek offers services that efficiently assist you to dispose of your excess IT hardware and help recover investments.

The first step is always to determine the value of the equipment. We can assist in conducting an audit of equipment and giving you a report on it’s value and a recommended course of action. Any value determination can be supported by supplemental documentation.

For marketable assets, there are a few options which can be exercised:

  • Fixed price takeout based upon fair market value.
  • Consignment/Shared Revenue Sale.
  • Trade-In towards new/replacement equipment.

If the equipment has no market value, Minntek can help arrange to safely and economically dispose of your equipment. There are many restrictions surrounding the disposal of equipment so you need to ensure it is done properly in accordance with legal requirements.

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