it solutions

We are an IBM Premier Business Partner who has offered leading edge IT Solutions to enterprises globally for over 20 years.  We offer custom tailored IT Solutions fit to your budget and business model and can help your organization meet it's short term and long term objectives.

Backup Solutions

We offer a variety of backup and archiving solutions and can also provide your organization with IBM storage systems.  We can help your organization plan and deploy a solution that will meet it's current and future requirements.

Business Continuity

Keep your critical network devices and systems up and running 24-7.  We can help your organization plan and implement the proper strategies to ensure you'll never have a costly network and systems outage again.


Consolidate old systems and applications onto newer platforms like RISC (IBM pSeries), and AIX (IBM iSeries).  We can help your organization save valuable IT resources with our Consolidation Solutions.

Digital Pathology

We can help your organization plan and implement the right systems in place to manage the large volumes of data that comes with Digital Pathology.

Disaster Recovery

Get the right plans and technologies in place to quickly recover from disasters of all sizes.  We can help you get the right tools in place to make sure you always avoid costly downtime.


We offer IBM GMAS (Grid Medical Archive Storage) Solutions to organizations in the health care sector.  We can help you implement highly scalable grid storage solutions that fit your needs.


We can help you secure mission critical systems to ensure you don't reveal sensitive to hackers and competitors.

Storage Solutions

We offer a variety of storage solutions to meet your organization's needs.  We can provide your organization with new IBM storage systems including disk, tape, nas, and san systems.

Vendor Neutral Archiving

We can help your organization implement archiving solutions that can integrate with your existing systems.


Lower system maintenance costs with highly scalable virtual servers.  We can help your organization upgrade your existing systems and enterprise applications to new virtual servers.


We offer a variety of wireless solutions and can additionally provide your organization with cisco and motorola wireless networking products.