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One of the biggest IT challenges is to get good and recoverable data backups. With storage requirements skyrocketing and constantly changing, it only follows that backups need to follow suite. Unfortunately developing a backup solution that is guaranteed recoverable seems to be always be one step away.

Minntek has the team of storage experts that can work with you to help design, implement and manage a recoverable backup solution. Using proven technologies from our leading partners and capitalizing of years of experience, you to can be rest assured your data is available.


Recent regulatory and legal changes have brought data archiving to the forefront of organizations IT challenges. How do you best preserve your old data in a cost effective manner, maintain compliance, all while not over burdening your IT staff on managing such mountain of information?

Our storage solution experts can sit down with you and sift through these difficult questions and design an archiving solution that will meet the requirements of your company and industry using proven methods and technologies.

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