Business Continuity Solutions

The goal for companies with no business tolerance for downtime is to achieve a state of business continuity, where critical systems and networks are continuously available. This means thinking proactively: engineering availability, security and reliability into business processes from the outset.

Non-Stop Computing

Business continuance depends on the availability of data whenever it is needed. Every business has its own unique definition of highly available data. Data services and information systems must be available when it is needed most - at that very second, minute or hour of the day. Of course, data must also be protected against all kinds of loss including hardware failure, corruption and site loss. Any of these failures could have dramatic impact on productivity and long-term profitability.
Minntek Solutions works with our customers to ensure continued access to critical data. Our professional services group offers a single point of accountability for the entire SAN environment - from design, implementation and management of high performance solutions. Our business continuance practice includes:

  • workshops and assessments
  • design support
  • pre-emptive services
  • implementation support
  • proactive services
  • business critical support
  • outsourcing

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