Consolidation Solutions

In today's enterprise environments customers are faced with increased demands for serviceability, reliability and availability of mission critical systems. This demand in conjunction with the number of servers and storage has significantly increased the cost of support, while reduced IT budgets and the need to reduce this complexity have created the perfect environment for consolidation.

Consolidation is the process of consolidating servers, applications, data, and workloads into fewer sites and space, with the objective of centralizing and simplifying the administration of these systems. Server and Storage Consolidation is more than replacing a set of smaller servers or storage devices with fewer, larger ones. Consolidation enables organizations to simplify and optimize their systems infrastructure through a defined process.

Server Consolidations

Server consolidation has long been perceived as a “box reduction” initiative. Minntek views server consolidation as more than a cost takeout exercise that only addresses the physical infrastructure, but as a strategic initiative that enables the processes, organization and technologies to deliver an optimized and resilient infrastructure.

Server consolidation is the first step toward designing and implementing a more rational, efficient and flexible IT environment that can support your strategic business objectives.

Server consolidation simplifies IT services by creating centralized applications, data management, security, and overall workloads. That simplification, in turn, delivers improved service.

Storage Consolidation

While the cost of storage is decreasing, the amount of data that businesses need to have available and the cost of managing that data are increasing. Companies demand the ability to fully utilize and expand their storage assets to meet future needs and leverage their current technology. To resolve this problem companies are looking to storage consolidation to increase efficiency, save valuable resources and provide data on-demand.

Storage consolidation brings together data from difference sources and is combined into a centralized or format for reduced redundancy. It increases efficiency, centralizes management and creates greater control.


Consolidation provides the streamlined framework needed to properly assess and transform an IT infrastructure for added business value delivery. A consolidated and optimized infrastructure environment can better enable IT to deliver on its promise to help drive new business and new revenue opportunities by allowing companies to be more responsive and more resilient.

Consolidation can:

  • Reduce overall complexity
  • Standardize policies, procedures and operations
  • Simplify systems management
  • Enhance resources utilization and optimize scalability
  • Optimize performance, improve availability
  • Increase recoverability and operational resiliency
  • Reduce hardware, software and systems management costs
  • Dramatically improve total cost of ownership

Our consultants have the in-depth knowledge and skill to assist our customers with solutions to consolidate server and storage platforms. We will perform a comprehensive audit of your current environment and work together with you to fully understand your vision of a new simplified infrastructure. Then will take your organization from concept, to planning and design, to implementation.

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