ibm gmas Solutions (grid medical archive storage)

As doctors and patients demand more frequent scans, the number of medical images is growing exponentially—dramatically increasing storage and administrative costs for providers. Medical facilities that haven't yet transitioned to digital formats must grapple with the time and labor costs of handling film. Those enterprises that have made the transition to picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) face exploding storage volumes, rising expenses and slowing image retrieval time, even as pressure grows to retain physicians, meet tightening margins and provide remote access to patient images.

The Healthcare and Life Science's Grid Medical Archive Solution (GMAS) employs an unparalleled combination of features to cost-effectively deliver enterprise-wide medical image access with real-time business continuity.

The solution can help you securely store and efficiently transmit diagnostic images and documents within your enterprise or across multisite facilities. It combines the power of grid computing with intelligent information lifecycle management to optimize the storage of large volumes of fixed-content data. Further, it complements and extends existing assets by providing interoperability between high-performance grid-based storage and existing PACS. The end result is an ability to deliver patient images wherever they're needed-at the moment they're needed-which can lead to improved diagnosis and treatment.

  • Improve patient care by ensuring fast, on demand access to medical images in-house, cross campus or across the country
  • Eliminate data silos and reduce costs by optimizing storage utilization
  • Ensure business continuity and address regulatory disaster recovery considerations
  • Lower total cost of ownership with solutions that deliver cost-effective file sharing across multi-campus sites, and seamlessly interoperate with installed technologies
  • Support infrastructure resiliency with end to end Storage virtualization tools that enable a more dynamic organization

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