Storage Networks SAN/NAS/iSCSI

Your company’s data is the heart of your business, and the secure storage and rapid retrieval of this information is critical to your success. Minntek offers a complete range of open, interoperable, and scaleable storage solutions that allow you to protect, consolidate, share, and utilize your company’s data.

The rapid pace of storage growth has required organizations to re-evaluate how they design and manage their server and storage resources. The building blocks of today’s vast storage requirements, include Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and iSCSI. Each has a unique design that provide advantages over the other depending on the use of the storage.

Expert planning and design are as important as the SAN assets themselves. Minntek Solutions provides years of experience in the IT methodologies that are required to make these networked storage devices work seamlessly together.

The networked model of storage, is a proven solution. Benefits of Network Storage include:

  • Scalable/Upgradeable design that addresses current and future business needs
  • Manageability that can be centralized, and provide standard tools for ease of administration
  • Flexible/Open to leverage current storage technologies or heterogeneous computing platforms
  • Creates a framework for consolidation
  • Increased flexibility of storage allocation and service levels
  • Highly available and Secure
  • Integration with backup and recovery processes
  • Starting point for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Allow for data replication and data archival

Organizations need to evaluate how this storage will interact with the overall environment. Our consultants can work with you to review your infrastructure and design the appropriate solution for your company.

SAN Services

Maybe you already have a SAN, but don’t feel your getting the most from it. We can help you maximize your investment in SAN technology so that you can reap the benefits of a consolidated storage infrastructure.

  •  Provide Planning Session: Will define how your storage can be configured to maximize availability and performance.
  •  Also will discuss how your SAN should be designed to best share disk and tape devices and to plan for future growth.
  • Configure SAN - Attached Devices: Will install and configure any application software and device drivers to configure SAN-attached disk and tape. Configure SAN switches (Brocade, McData or Cisco ) and implement appropriate zoning.
  • Execute an Availability Test Plan: An availability Test Plan will be executed to verify your SAN design. The Test Plan will insure that you have multiple paths to your storage for availability.
  • Train your people: Your people will be given an overview of SAN concepts and how to manage your SAN on a day-to-day basis.
  • Deliver Operational Run Book: A customized run-book will be delivered so that you will understand how your SAN has been designed and implemented.

Our goal is to deliver storage networking solutions that address the storage problems of the enterprise.

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