Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack

Minntek Solutions is an IBM Premier Business Partner specializing in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack. IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager FastBack gives you to power to quickly recover any Microsoft® Windows® or Linux® server data, anywhere in the organization, from any point in time.

Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Benefits:

  • Augment Tivoli Storage Manager to provide enhanced protection and recovery of business critical Windows and Linux application servers in the data center;
  • Automate and consolidate the protection of data in remote and branch offices.
  • Provide a cost-effective, comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution for small and mid-sized organizations.
  • Protect and recover data for critical applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SAP, DB2 and Oracle, seamlessly at the block level while eliminating the need for traditional backup windows.
  • Recover the data you need – a single file or an entire volume – within a couple of minutes; restoration of the data occurs in the background.
  • Meet data protection and retention requirements on a per-application basis by scheduling automated backup operations as often as needed, up to true Continuous Data Protection (CDP).
  • Reduce the amount of data at risk between backups to as little as the last transaction and reduce the time it takes to recover any amount of data to just a couple of minutes, following almost any type of data loss.
  • Perform non-disruptive snapshots in the background; the lightweight agent is an excellent backup solution for Virtual Machines (VM).
  • Integrate easily with Tivoli Storage Manager as part of a Unified Recovery Management platform for the entire enterprise.
  • Improve visibility into your data management environment with integrated Tivoli Common Reporting.
  • Reduce storage capacity requirements with block-level incremental-only backup and built-in data deduplication at the FastBack Server and across the WAN.
  • Operating systems supported: Windows and Linux

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