Netapp Storagegrid

Minntek Solutions is a NetApp Partner specializing in NetApp StorageGRID. NetApp StorageGRID is a proven, object storage software solution designed to manage petabyte-scale globally distributed repositories of images, video, and records for enterprises and service providers.

NetApp StorageGRID provides tremendous scalability by eliminating the typical constraints of data containers in blocks and files. It supports billions of files or objects and petabytes of capacity in a single global namespace. NetApp StorageGRID enables intelligent data management and secure content retention. It optimizes data placement, metadata management, and efficiency through a global policy engine with built-in security that manages how data is stored, placed, protected, and retrieved. Additionally, content is protected from tampering using technologies such as digital fingerprints and encryption.

NetApp StorageGRID Key Benefits:

  • Boundless scalability 
    Scales to support petabytes of data, billions of files and objects, while eliminating physical storage boundaries
  • Intelligent data management and retention 
    Automates data lifecycle management, global data placement, and automatic data protection
  • Secure data retention 
    Protects content through encryption and digital fingerprints, eliminating data corruption and tampering
  • Global, always-on data availability
    Provides global disaster recovery and access to content regardless of physical location

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