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Strategic IT

Being strategic with your technology is what we do. We help align your technology with your business strategies to more effectively plan, implement, and utilize that technology to help operate and provide insight into your business.


Strategic IT is intentional. It is understanding what technology can and cannot do. It is knowing how one IT decision affects another. It is looking at different methodologies and the pros and cons of each. And it is planning for all the costs.

Minntek provides solutions and services to be strategic in your IT investments, and can help guide you along the way. We have solutions for:


Data Storage

Data Protection


Converged Infrastructure




Cloud, Managed, or On-Premise.

Which is the right choice? We don’t believe any of them.

No one solution is right for everyone. Cloud or Managed IT solutions are generally not the whole answer, but part of the answer. The right solution is the one that is right for your organization. Utilizing the different technologies available to develop an overall strategic IT solution. One that takes into consideration the organizational goals and how these different technologies can be used to achieve them.

Many of our Strategic IT solutions are available in cloud, managed or hybrid offerings. Our solutions experts can work with you to help align these to your company’s technology goals.


Every department is unique in what they require from technology to do their job effectively. More than a client or end-point solutions, the department needs to be able to connect quickly and securely to the data center and/or cloud. Additionally, IT managers and executives need to know their company’s data will be staying in-house.

With the Internet of Things (IoT), now nearly every device seems to connect to the network making managing the client environment even more challenging.

Minntek provides a variety of departmental solutions for both the end-user, the people who need to manage it, those working to protect it, and the ones needing it to help the company grow.

Recertified hardware is a great option for a number of situations:

  • Customers who do not require the latest technology and want to save money.
  • Legacy solutions that are not certified on newer equipment and require legacy hardware.
  • Maintenance service or parts.

Just a few reasons why customers look at Recertified. Recertified hardware many times offers the same support benefits of new, but at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking to save money, or are looking for a hard to find item, recertified equipment may be something to consider.  Minntek is well known to be able to source hard to find items that are no longer being offered new.